Boost your non-profit organizations productivity and cut costs with G Suite

Non-profit organizations are consistently expected to deliver massive results on a shoestring budget.  As the cost of doing business continues to rise, it is getting harder for many non-profits to keep their spending in check.  The work these organizations do is essential, but sometimes the resources run out before all the needs are met.  Non-profits need cost-effective tools that consistently deliver exceptional results.  G Suite from Google is a robust collection of products that can help.

Google understands the critical work that non-profits do, and that is why they offer G Suite at no cost to these organizations.  G Suite provides a single solution for four key areas where non-profits need to excel if they are going to accomplish their goals.


A team that is connected is more likely to be successful.  Even with varying schedules and remote workers, non-profits can build an engaged, productive, and connected team using G Suite’s email service, shared calendar, chats, and video meeting tools.  This means team members are working together and more importantly, moving forward together in a cohesive and coordinated way.  Time previously spent wasted trying to coordinate schedules or arrange face to face meetings can now be spent more productively.


G Suite provides an easy solution to help organizations create, collaborate on, and share documents, spreadsheets, and more.  With the G Suite document creation tools, it is easy to see when a document was last edited and what changes have been made.  The best part?  When everyone is using the same tools, there is no more worrying about whether all team members have the same version of a program.  There are fewer iterations of documents floating around, less formatting corrections required, and everything is filed in a central location where it is easy to find.


G Suite offers cloud-based storage which means documents are never lost.  G Suite allows team members to access information and documents from multiple devices.  At a meeting with a prospective donor and you want to show them something?  Instead of sending it from a desktop later, you can bring that document up on your mobile device and answer questions face to face.  This lets non-profits look prepared and professional whether it be in the boardroom or at a chance meeting during a social event.


Non-profit organizations deal with important and sometimes sensitive information.  G Suite makes it easy to quickly update who can access information and files.  Instead of having to control multiple programs and tools, everything is done from one place with a few keystrokes.

Before G Suite, many non-profit organizations were paying for multiple programs, tools, and services to get the same combination of products.  Over time, this gets very costly.  It also made it more difficult to fix problems that arose as there would be multiple vendors to deal with.  With G Suite, there is 24/7 access to technical support.  Having numerous systems in place makes it more time-consuming to onboard and train new employees, executives, and volunteers.  G Suite is intuitive and user-friendly so new staff can become proficient with the tools very quickly.  Perhaps one of G Suite’s best features is that it includes cloud-based storage, which means organizations are not at risk of losing valuable information due to crashed hard drives or other IT problems.

The one drawback for most non-profit organizations considering using G Suite is that the approval process for the free account can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming.  WebMotion Studios has helped several organizations to apply and be approved for the free G Suite account.  As an additional service, we have also helped non-profits receive up to $10,000 in advertising grants from Google.  These grants help build cause awareness, raise donations, and recruit volunteers.  If you work with a non-profit organization, please contact us to find out more about how we can help you access free resources.